Lakeside Chamber Players Inc.

Lakeside Chamber Players Inc.

Lakeside Chamber Players Inc. (LCP) is a chamber music ensemble serving central Florida.

Innkeepers Jim and Alexandra Gunderson, owners of historic Lakeside Inn in Mt. Dora, Florida, generously provide LCP with performance space.

The idea of forming LCP came from recognizing the need to support under-budgeted music programs in the schools, and to provide adult communities, businesses and civic organizations with a resource for music at the highest level of performance.

The LCP Mission

To make music the center of civic life of Lake County through multi-generational education outreach programs and highest level chamber music concerts

Goals of Lakeside Chamber Players Inc.

1 .  Establish and maintain outreach programs for music education.

The discipline imposed through music training:
raises academic achievement
enhances social development,
improves collaborative skills.

LCP enhances existing public and private programs by working in collaboration with school band and choral faculties.

For example LCP provided a children’s Instrument Petting Zoo
on May18th 2013 for the Lakeside Inn Palooza, in Mt. Dora, Florida. 

LCP is working toward an annual music education camp, to provide young musicians with professional mentoring.

2. Provide chamber music concerts for:

adult communities
nursing and assisted-living homes
and other community organizations. 

3.  Provide a music resource for the community.

Programs are tailored to the budget and style preferences of spec ... view more »

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