Txokos Basque Kitchen

Txokos Basque Kitchen

The Basque culture of txokos, or gastronomic societies, is one that honors the meal itself, the act of sharing it, and Basque tradition. The sacred quality of these shared kitchens result in a great respect for the preparation and consumption of food and allow for people to gather in celebration of their community.

The proximity of Basque country to the sea and farmland makes for a succulent combination of seafood and pastoral meats and vegetation. The great understanding and appreciation of these natural resources is inherent in the creation and consumption of Basque fare which demonstrates why there are more Michelin star restaurants there than anywhere else in the world.

The menu at Txokos Kitchen will be seasonally driven by Chef Henry’s access to the East End vegetable garden, local, sustainable seafood and many talented Florida farmers. True to the Basque culture guests can experience authentic Pintxos (small plates), Spanish wines and an outdoor Asador for grilling.

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